Analytical Testing

Enhance Yield & Reduce Your Cost-of-Ownership

Our ChemTrace group provides custom analytical testing solutions for micro-contamination control and risk management to improve fab results.

The semiconductor industry requires nanoscale control. However, achieving and maintaining yield targets is increasingly complex primarily due to higher device performance variability at advanced nodes. Fab air quality, chamber part cleanliness, wafer quality, chemical and water purity, and cleanroom consumables all contribute to process excursions. A complete micro-contamination analytical testing and monitoring process is the key to minimizing fab variability.

Analytical Testing

With over 25 years of experience in partnering for micro-contamination control and risk management to improve fab results, we truly address your requirements and support contamination monitoring programs. The ability to monitor the full value chain is essential. Our experts understand the unique requirements of the construction, supply chain, chemical delivery and chip manufacturing processes. ChemTrace provides analytical services through a network of accredited commercial testing laboratories located around the globe. Advance Accredited ChemTrace Labs maintain cleanrooms and utilize class 100 or better mini-environments to provide contamination-free preparation and testing of high purity samples. Our labs ensure accurate and precise identification and quantification of the samples sent for analysis.

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