UCT Is Committed To Building Customer Trust

For us, this means building trust on the foundation of competent personnel and suppliers, discipline to address customer requirements, robust business processes, governance and accountability and rapid and thorough problem-solving.

Our culture is built around not just meeting; but, exceeding customer requirements. Our governance system ensures that all our employees are active in delivering on goals, objectives and performance targets. Key elements in this are Centers of Excellence and Operations Councils which drive goals, objectives, standards and performance across all UCT worldwide sites.

Our suppliers are another critical component of our success. Our Supplier Management System emphasizes qualifying suppliers capable of performing necessary services and adhering to monitoring systems to govern quality, delivery and cost reduction deliverables.


All UCT sites are certified under ISO 9001:2015, an internationally recognized standard that provides a framework for effective quality management. Our Quality Management System includes a rigorous internal audit program that incorporates 6S and manufacturing line and business process audits to support ongoing improvement.

We believe that a commitment to quality must include sustainable solutions that minimize our environmental impact through the efficient use of resources. Innovation is in our DNA, and we continuously look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint at our sites worldwide. Our Cambridge (Product) and Tainan (Services) sites are ISO 14001 accredited, meaning that these sites fulfill specific requirements for environmental management. We also subscribe to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, which establishes standards for environmentally responsible and ethical business practices in the electronics industry and its supply chain and have completed RBA audits at our major manufacturing and services sites.

UCT is dedicated to providing products that meet customer quality, delivery and cost requirements supported by a culture that emphasizes leadership, open and honest communication, prevention over reaction, environmental responsibility, training and mentoring, a strong governance system and a positive reward system. For more information about our environmental, social and governance initiatives, see our ESG page.