Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility And Corporate Governance (ESG)

Our ESG Story

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UCT’s ESG Vision is to successfully align our strategy and operations with our values as a responsible global company in a thoughtful and authentic manner. Incorporating environmental, social and governance goals into our operating framework reflects our longstanding commitment to our customers, partners, shareholders, employees and the communities in which we operate. It’s the right thing to do for our company and our stakeholders.

To our stakeholders:

UCT’s mission is to deliver high-quality, high-value solutions that empower innovators worldwide to advance important technologies. Our goal is to be the most trusted and relevant developer and supplier of critical subsystems, components and services, primarily for the global semiconductor industry — one that attracts the best talent and plays a key role in innovative technologies — to help our customers be successful and deliver sustained outcomes.

While there are many definitions of ESG success criteria, at their core, they are simple concepts: operate with care for the environment, for society and the people in it and do so honestly and transparently.

I am proud to say that these guiding principles have always been core to UCT’s culture and values. Indeed, they are deeply ingrained in how we advance innovation and create value for our customers, employees, communities and shareholders.

We have a strong team at UCT, governed by an experienced Board of Directors, led by a skilled executive team and powered by more than 6,000 talented employees who demonstrate the values that guide everything we do. Together, we are committed to responsible, inclusive and sustainable practices.

Below are links that put a spotlight on our commitment to delivering strong ESG performance. As UCT continues to grow, we expect to expand the scope of our efforts and enhance the breadth of our metrics and disclosure.

Jim Scholhamer
Chief Executive Officer

Environmental Stewardship

UCT is committed to sustainable solutions that minimize our environmental impact and support our long-term success. Here is how we achieve this:

  • We have a comprehensive Environmental Policy that sets environmental protection as a priority. The foundation of the policy is based on the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle, to minimize our environmental footprint. We continually assess new requirements and stakeholder input for continuous improvements. Our goal is zero environmental impact incidents. Our performance against this policy is monitored via reviews and audits.
  • We are committed to “SuCCESS2030” (Supply Chain Certification for Environmental and Social Sustainability). This Applied Materials initiative supports sustainability efforts through the supply chain. The goal is to build a responsible and sustainable end-to-end supply chain for the future of semiconductors.
  • We are a participant in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct which establishes standards for environmentally responsible and ethical business practices in the electronics industry and its supply chain.
  • We follow RBA’s Responsible Minerals Assurance Process for tantalum. Our cleaning processes for tantalum-deposited parts recover the tantalum, enabling it to re-enter the commodity market and reduce the demand for mined material ─ the majority of which originates from a conflict region in Africa.
  • Our parts cleaning business uses chemical-free processes where possible, which reduces the amount of chemicals necessary to meet target specifications.
  • We have implemented reuse programs for packaging materials with our customers and suppliers, adhering to the semiconductor industry’s stringent protective packaging requirements.
Our Communities

UCT strives to positively impact society by ensuring the people we work with are safe and treated with dignity and respect, and by being a good neighbor in the communities in which we operate.

Health, Wellness And Safety

  • The safety of our personnel is our top priority. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries. Safety is monitored via reviews and audits. Safety incident levels across our Products and Services Divisions are consistently below industry benchmarks.
  • We train, educate and qualify personnel to enable a safety-focused work environment.
  • We are a participant in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct which establishes standards to ensure working conditions in the electronics industry and its supply chains are safe and that workers are treated with respect and dignity.
  • We require written certification from strategic direct product suppliers that the materials incorporated into their products comply with applicable laws and regulations, including laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the country or countries in which they are doing business. In addition, we audit our suppliers before and during engagement to ensure adherence to these laws and regulations.

Diversity, Culture And Engagement

  • Our goal is to foster an atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, trust and respect for all.
  • We embrace diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion. We respect regional differences while fostering a culture that maximizes both organizational and individual potential. We are committed to transparency and mandatory training to ensure that every employee is treated with dignity and respect.
  • Our culture emphasizes leadership, open and honest communication, prevention over reaction, training and mentoring, and a positive reward system.
  • We want every employee to bring their full, authentic selves to work each day and thrive as an individual and as a valuable member of a supportive team.
  • Our Women for Other Women (WoW) initiative provides opportunities for our employees to connect, support and uplift each other to achieve success at work and in their personal lives.

Our Communities

  • We are committed to contributing to the communities in which we operate and support our employees who participate in local events.
Corporate Governance

Sound governance and strong leadership are key to delivering sustained value to our stakeholders. To succeed, we must safeguard and retain the trust of employees, partners, customers, investors and the communities in which we work and live.

As stewards of the company, our Board of Directors provides guidance and oversight and ensures that we maintain our high ethical standards. Effective corporate governance requires achieving the right mix of experience, background and diversity in perspectives; this is particularly important in a complex and highly technical business like ours.

We benefit from a highly engaged and informed Board of Directors. Our board composition complies with Nasdaq and Securities and Exchange Commission rules regarding director independence and meets the two new California board diversity requirements regarding women and under-represented groups. The Nominating, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Committee oversees our environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.