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Improve process performance & lower cost-of-ownership

Every node transition is a balance of improving device performance and controlling manufacturing cost. To address the cost requirements, chipmakers are increasingly looking to minimize chamber downtime, reduce chamber maintenance frequency and extend part lifetimes. These actions have to be balanced with the overall requirement of low process variability and high yield.

At the center of enabling chamber-level cost reductions is the recycled chamber part. The micro-contamination control of the recycled part is now similar for the requirements for a new part. New part cleaning primarily eliminates surface manufacturing by-products. However, achieving similar results on a recycled part requires the cleaning processes tuned for damage-free removal of deposited films. Fab maintenance programs utilizing recycled chamber parts cannot tolerate variability in particle performance or atomic level contamination affecting start-up and process performance.

As the worldwide leader in ultra-high purity semiconductor chamber tool parts cleaning and coatings, QuantumClean understands the stringent cleaning and micro-contamination specifications of new and recycled parts and provides solutions that improve your process performance and lower your overall cost-of-ownership.

  • Analytically Validated Ultra-Clean parts result in FASTER chamber recovery and LONGER mean time between cleans.
  • Optimized cleaning methods and proprietary recoating technologies EXTEND part life.
  • Consistent part surface final finishes lead to MORE PREDICTABLE chamber start-up & operation.
  • Lean production lines deliver FAST part turnaround times resulting in REDUCED inventory costs.

With the largest global footprint in the industry, QuantumClean is located wherever you are in the world. 16 ultra-high purity parts cleaning, coating and refurbishment locations. 8 semiconductor manufacturing regions. 6 ChemTrace analytical testing laboratories.

QuantumClean is the only semiconductor parts cleaning and coating company supported by a fully accredited in-house analytical laboratory business – the only one that can deliver ultra-high purity semiconductor process chamber tool parts for your company verified by a Certificate of Analysis.

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