System Integration

Any equipment integration provider can routinely handle producing hundreds of the same system; however, many industries require a higher degree of capability and flexibility in their manufacturing partner. Someone who can efficiently and effectively perform system integration involving low volumes of highly configurable complex assemblies and modules. With more than 25 years of semiconductor equipment manufacturing experience, UCT was built to support this type of customer.

Let our experienced system integration engineers bring together component sub-systems that deliver ready-to-install assemblies.  Using a balance of vertical integration and key strategic partnerships, we manage our operations to meet your delivery targets including during dynamic demand periods. We can efficiently meet your production needs for value added frames, electrical, mechanical, fluid and pneumatic assemblies and ultra-high purity gas systems across the full spectrum of high-tech industries. 

In addition, our broadly experienced engineering teams work to provide customized manufacturing solutions to meet your product performance challenges. Whether it is simplifying chamber sub-system assembly by utilizing our ability to integrate gas delivery system heating into key gas lines or creating automated testing of key modules to shorten the test cycle time, we implement solutions to meet your quality, delivery and cost requirements.

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