Process repeatability and controlling variation is a critical factor to ensuring high device yield in semiconductor manufacturing. Foundational to achieving this is the placement of the wafer within the process chamber. Repeatedly placing the wafer in the same location within a chamber requires tight control of all the mechanical systems within the production tool from the atmospheric and vacuum robots which transport the wafer to the chamber to the pin lift systems within the chamber which position the wafer on the chamber stage for processing.

With decades of experience supporting the unique requirements of the semiconductor equipment industry, UCT’s engineering and manufacturing teams understand what is required to deliver the mechanical control and placement precision for process repeatability and high yield.

Our mechatronic experts engage all aspects of the value chain to deliver the solutions needed to meet critical customer product requirements:

  • Model integrity and analysis to understand design intent and ensure accuracy of provided documentation  
  • System level tolerance analysis to ensure consistent and predictable integration and performance that meets overall required precision and accuracy requirements  
  • Robust supply chain to source critical material with short lead times
  • Test equipment design to validate that completed systems meet all operational requirements
  • Semiconductor precision mechanisms and wafer handling systems including:
    • Robot controllers
    • Robots for wet and dry atmospheric applications
    • Track systems
    • Pre-aligners
    • High precision linear actuator assemblies

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