Fluid Solutions

Reliable, cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing involving critical gas or liquid inputs requires a robust physical infrastructure. Whether comprising the gas delivery system for wafer fabrication equipment or the fluid control systems for oil and gas production applications, the valves, fittings and hoses are critical building blocks.

Meeting the stringent requirements of high-performance industries requires not only understanding the capabilities of individual parts or components but ensuring the performance of the entire system. From high-purity, corrosive chemical delivery systems for semiconductor applications to high-pressure, temperature-sensitive solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical processes, the end-to-end development and manufacturing capability created by the addition of Ham-Let portfolio enables UCT to more effectively address complex application challenges.

Engineering and Technology Partner

With more than a half-century of experience supporting high purity and process control applications, Ham-Let flow control and fluid management solutions address the demanding requirements of a broad number of industries. Ham-Let innovation extends to integrating industrial internet of things (IIoT) capabilities into our devices enabling customers to unveil industry 4.0 benefits.

Ham-Let’s unique tailored and value engineering solutions solves customers’ product needs and plans through a collaborative and consultative approach, resulting in a lower total cost-of-ownership. Customer Service has the appropriate engineering know-how to assist with application optimization ensuring your overall performance requirements are addressed. We have years of production and engineering experience, and the expertise to support nonstandard products and sub-systems.

Flow control has always been critical for high semiconductor device yield. The new process steps in the leading-edge devices create fresh challenges for delivering high reliability, high-purity fluid flow. Novel chemicals are increasingly being introduced to enable advanced deposition and etch processes, including many liquid and solid precursors. In addition, processes like ALD and EUV lithography expand the range of requirements to include fast gas switching and high-pressure control.

With decades of experience supporting semiconductor production, Ham-Let’s extensive product portfolio has expanded and adapted to the changes of the industry. We understand the challenges in managing condensation across the multiple components that comprise the flow path. In addition, we address and continue to develop components compatible with the corrosive chemicals used in our industry. Whether the application requires exceptional flow tuning and calibration, delivering precise volumes of a precursor in each manufacturing cycle, repeatable performance under high temperature applications, our products meet the requirements.

As society transitions toward being carbon neutral, satisfying the broad energy requirements remains critical and will continue to require oil and gas production and distribution. As highly regulated industry sectors the oil and gas, liquified natural gas and nuclear industries require strict compliance with relevant regulations across all levels of their supply chain. The instrumentation and control solutions must address not only the functional requirements of the component but also the operational realities of remote monitoring and control of the systems.

With a broad portfolio of products and decades of extensive experience supporting the energy sector our group of companies supports the energy sector needs for critical valves, instrumentation and control solutions. Our engineers are available, and as we join UCT our breadth of engineering capabilities is expanding.

Process industry success is built on high reliability and efficient production, and a key element of that is the material distribution systems. The flow monitoring and control components are a critical part of that system, which minimize the frequency of scheduled maintenance events and maximize the overall uptime and availability.

Beyond the overall productivity of the facility, emissions from industrial activities impact our environment, our communities, and are costly to companies who monitor and demonstrate compliance. Eluent tracking systems focus on point of exit monitoring – through treatment facilities and other scrubber activities – and emissions from these sources are known. However, fugitive emissions (i.e. leaks) of gases and vapors from the production facility requires that the plant materials transport and distribution system be designed with components which minimize the risk of these unplanned and often costly emissions. Control valves are one of the major sources of fugitive emissions, contributing as much as 60% of the totals observed.

With a broad portfolio of solutions and decades of experience supporting the process control industry Ham-Let's valves, connections and hose solutions prevent fugitive emissions. Our materials selection and manufacturing process are designed to prevent these types of material releases.

Industrial process valves are used broadly for in both instrumentation and process lines for a wide range of applications. To measure pressure, temperature, flow, humidity and indication of position/state, multiple sensors and measuring instruments are required. When integrated into the process line, each of these instruments are a possible leakage source. Additionally, most of these instruments are not aligned with industry 4.0 applications and benefits.

The infrastructure is finally able to support online monitoring, control and management of various processes which enables immediate response for safety events, facilitates machine learning and enables machinery and manufacturing optimization. The obvious place to implement this level of control is within the process valves, a key element in the flow control of the system.

To address this, one of the major areas of innovation at Ham-Let is in working on is IIoT valves. Our in-house incubator has already been recognized with the multiple awards for the IoTH800 Smart Valve.

Professional Training

To help our customers become more effective in the design and use of our products, Ham-Let’s On-Line College provides structured, self-paced learning modules. The College addresses a wide range of topics including introduction to industrial environments, industry terminology and applications, as well as details on Ham-Let's products and product selection guidelines.

Material Certification, Quality and Traceability

To support the broad number of regions we operate in and the stringent traceability requirements of our industries, we maintain an extensive certification program. Our certification listing is available here.

Raw material test certificates, product test reports and quality certifications are available upon request. Our fluid solution products are fully traceable down to the raw material “Heat Code”. Certificates of traceability are available from our COT requests form.

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