Semiconductor Manufacturing Market Needs

Semiconductor capital equipment is used in one of the most complex and advanced manufacturing process in the world – the production of semiconductor devices. Global demand for smaller, faster, and lower power consumption electronics devices drives continuous advances in semiconductor technology, increasingly demanding revolutionary changes in chip designs and the manufacturing equipment used to make them.

We build hundreds of turnkey semiconductor tools annually.

Uct Semiconductor Manufacturing Solutions

UCT is recognized as the partner of choice for semiconductor capital equipment manufacturing companies. They outsource with us because we are the best-positioned company to provide a complete turnkey system integration solution that spans procurement, engineering, integration and testing. In addition, we can uniquely handle major volume and design changes during the manufacturing process, while maintaining on time delivery. This provides equipment manufacturers extreme flexibility when responding to fluctuations and dynamic market changes. With UCT’s semiconductor manufacturing experience, our customers can consistently expect faster time-to-market and lower costs.

Product Capability Examples

Deposition & Removal/Etch Gas and liquid delivery, Frame manufacturing, Frame integration, including sub-modules and robotics, System integration and testing, Power distribution Ion Implant Gas delivery, High voltage sub-assembly Metrology Complex assemblies, including Fourier filter, vibration isolation, and profilometry, System integration and testing
Lithography Wafer handling, Automation Assembly Specialty components

Complex Integration

Complex assembly of wafer handling equipment, process modules, robots, controllers

Ultra-high purity gas and liquid delivery system integration

Frame integration

System Testing

Mechanical and electrical functionality and verification

Cycle testing and product qualification

Leak checking

Vacuum integrity


Design for manufacture, assembly & cost

Design verification

New product development

Product design

Test fixture design & automation

Change control and product data management

Thermal control systems



Finishing, plating and powder coating


Sheet metal


3D printing

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