UCT’s expertise in semiconductor manufacturing and precision components provides a broad knowledge base to leverage as a preferred partner in the manufacturing of display equipment sub-systems and flow control components for industrial production and analytical applications. Companies in these industries need a partner that can deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities from design expertise to new product introduction to an unparalleled ability to assemble a supply chain that balances high-quality materials requirements and stringent performance targets.


Producing defect-free display screens is increasingly complicated especially as screen size increase for both conventional LED and OLED processes. Our design experience supports development of innovative equipment including those to manufacture OLED displays on flexible substrates. With final assembly in our class 100 and 1000 clean rooms, UCT’s expert technicians meet ultra-high purity requirements and ensure your modules and subsystems will meet the stringent cleanliness that today’s leading-edge processes require.


Productivity and emissions control are critical metrics for chemical production facilities. The components used within the production facility must be compatible with the often highly corrosive, toxic or flammable fluids being produced. UCT Fluid Solutions products address the increasing safety and fugitive emission requirements delivering reliable flow control components. We understand the specifications to support the sensitive analytical equipment networked into the facility as well as the broader process control applications to deliver the most dependable and easy-to-use components.


The advances in technology within the pharmacological industry – including new gene-based therapies – requires a more robust and reliable utilities and service facilities support to ensure high quality, consistent medication production. UCT Fluid Solutions supports this with smart innovative solutions that enable the digital transformation to Industry 4.0 automation and control.


Clean, leak-tight sampling is one of the keys for accurate control as companies and development laboratories expand their analytical monitoring capabilities within their industrial production facilities and research labs. UCT Fluid Solutions is a critical development partner to manufacturers and end users of spectrometers, chromatographs and liquid analyzers providing specialized components for reliable sampling for critical, real-time measurement and control systems.



  • Major modules
  • Mechatronics
  • Gas & liquid delivery


  • Weldments
  • Gas line heaters
  • Thermocouples
  • Frames

Services - QuantumClean

UHP cleaning:

  • Machined parts
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Quartz
  • Weldments

Cleanliness Verification:

  • COA implementation

Services - ChemTrace

Expertise in the analysis of:

  • Process tool parts
  • Wafers
  • Airborne molecular contamination
  • High purity chemicals

Semiconductor - focused analytical processes include:

  • Trace metals
  • Metallic & ionic contamination
  • Organic contamination


Technology leadership for sub - 7 nm requirements

Engineering consulting & design:

  • DFM
  • Test
  • Cleaning development

R & D:

  • New cleaning techniques
  • High sensitivity analytical testing

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