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An Extension of Your Team

With over three decades of experience, UCT has flexible business processes and a broad infrastructure which understands the needs of the semiconductor industry. Our diverse capabilities as a contract manufacturer and semiconductor tool chamber cleaning, coating and micro-contamination testing company enable us to both address a specific technical challenge as well as consider up and downstream implications to our engineering and development activities.

At UCT, our engineering teams provide you with business and technical value. We partner with you through all stages of the product’s life cycle from concept to volume production often helping to define requirements. Our talented mechanical, electrical and software engineers can help you:

  • Develop concepts.
  • Refine prototypes to improve manufacturability.
  • Meet cost-reduction requirements.
  • Perform complex analysis.
  • Execute design verification.

Our engineering teams work closely with our supply chain group to ensure that we can qualify alternative sources, eliminate unnecessary components and simplify processes for you.

UCT’s cleaning, coating Services Division and analytic service unit, ChemTrace, leverages decades of experience and technology leadership to improve your success while providing cost effective solutions. It is our mission to provide innovation for quantifiable performance improvements through our professional engineering and R&D staff.

Our engineers and engineering technicians are dedicated to developing deposition-specific parts cleaning and coating recipes. Our broad internal analysis and structured customer engagement ensures seamless part qualifications to in-situ cleaning and chamber uptime optimization activities. UCT’s worldwide Advanced Technology Cleaning Centers enables smooth fab-to-fab transfers of QuantumClean’s proven recipes.

The value you receive from our technology commitment:

  • Lower cost of ownership through our next generation coating development programs
  • Improved process performance through optimized surface treatments and cleanliness
  • Support for Moore’s Law challenges by providing part purity levels that enable your node transitions
  • Continuous development of proprietary breakthrough technologies
  • Enabling the best-performing chamber components in your facility
  • New cleaning methods for new process materials

Read More About ChemTrace

ChemTrace provides state-of-the-art analytical services and problem-solving expertise to improve current technologies in semiconductor, solar, LED and photonics manufacturing. We resolve your manufacturing challenges by understanding your needs and creating a customized approach towards real analytical solutions.

We support your technology development through the combined experience of our highly qualified chemists, engineers and technologists. R&D focuses on continuously developing techniques in the identification, measurement and prevention of micro-contamination from:

  • Metallics
  • Ionics
  • Organics
  • Particles
  • Others

To achieve increased production yield as well as any other manufacturing goals, ChemTrace supports developing technologies through the R&D of analytical techniques and knowledge.

We welcome the opportunity to help with your specific needs.

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