UCT is a preferred partner in the manufacturing of medical devices, industrial production, and research equipment. These companies need a manufacturing provider that does more than just assembly – they need a partner who can deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities from design expertise to new product introduction, to an unparalleled ability to assemble a supply chain that balances high-quality materials requirements with low-cost sourcing.

Preferred Partner in the Medical Device, Research Equipment, Industrial & Solar Production


Contaminants are known to adversely affect solar cell and photonic production in many ways. For example, trace metal contaminants in silicon substrates have been directly linked to a decrease in solar cell efficiency, and organic contaminants are known to hinder the texturing process and interfere with the wafer morphology. In addition, organics are known to cause issues related to passivation and deposition steps in the production process.

Analytical services



  • Major modules
  • Mechatronics
  • Gas & liquid delivery


  • Weldments
  • Gas line heaters
  • Thermocouples
  • Frames

Services - QuantumClean

UHP cleaning:

  • Machined parts
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Quartz
  • Weldments

Cleanliness Verification:

  • COA implementation

Services - ChemTrace

Expertise in the analysis of:

  • Process tool parts
  • Wafers
  • Airborne molecular contamination
  • High purity chemicals

Semiconductor - focused analytical processes include:

  • Trace metals
  • Metallic & ionic contamination
  • Organic contamination


Technology leadership for sub - 7 nm requirements

Engineering consulting & design:

  • DFM
  • Test
  • Cleaning development

R & D:

  • New cleaning techniques
  • High sensitivity analytical testing

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